Neusu Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags – Premium Quality 80 Micron Compression Space Saving Bags – 6 Pack 100cm x 70cm

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Product Description

Made of 33% stronger plastic than standard duty vacuum compression bags, Neusu’s Premium Vacuum Storage Bags can reduce space required by up to 80% when storing bedding, duvets, clothing, pillows, curtains etc.

These space saving vacuum bags are better at resisting punctures and minimising air leakage, as they are made from premium 80 micron plastic, 33% thicker than standard quality vacuum bags, and feature a triple seal valve as well as the double plastic zip seal.

Key Benefits:
• Pack of 6: Premium 100cm x 70cm Neusu Extra Large XL Vacuum Storage Bags
• 33% Thicker: 80 micron plastic, much better than other lower quality storage bags
• Full Protection: Moisture proof, mildew proof, waterproof, insect/bug proof, airtight and re-usable
• Best Value: High quality extra large vacuum storage bags which work with any vacuum cleaner to reduce storage space by 80%

Full illustrated instructions for best performance are included, but you simply put the items in carefully, seal the bag with the double layer plastic zip and then remove all the air with any standard vacuum cleaner.

This pack contains 6 x 100cm x 70cm XL premium bags. Also available in Heavy Duty 110 Micron.

The colour of the cap and clip may vary.

Storing bedding and clothing is normally space consuming and hard work, but these storage bags make it easy and offer the best quality available, so for the utmost peace of mind in buying your vacuum storage bags, think Neusu, and choose the genuine premium vacuum storage bags now!


  • 6 Premium Quality XL Vacuum Storage Bags: 100cm x 70cm each (outside edge measurements); fits two standard double duvet and pillows
  • Regain valuable bedroom space: reduce storage space required by up to 80% on bedding and clothes by compressing them using any vacuum cleaner
  • Made from premium 80 micron PA & PE, 33% thicker than many vacuum storage bags
  • Make Life Easy: Simple to use and compatible with any vacuum cleaner and comes with full English illustrated instructions
  • Longer lasting vacuum: double zip seal and triple seal turbo valve to minimise air leakage for long term storage; every aspect of these bags is premium quality
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